Complete Guide on Coin Box Magic 

Coin boxes are versatile coin magic props that may be used to do disappearance, appearances, penetrations, and transpositions, among other amazing coin magic effects.

Complete Guide on Coin Box Magic 



The magician conjures something from thin air, much like a rabbit from an empty top hat.


Output is the polar opposite of the input. It is what occurs when a magician makes anything or someone vanish. A ball that appears to vanish in mid-air is a famous example, but magicians have also “disappeared” things as large as national monuments.


The magician performs a double transportation trick, in which he forces many things to exchange places.



The magician New York seems to move a solid object from one place to another. The well-known process of connecting and unlinking steel rings is one example.


The magician defies gravity by making anything like a coin appear to levitate.



The magician appears to destroy an object and then restores it. Cutting an assistant in two or shredding a piece of paper and then making them whole again are common.


The magician uses a mix of vanishing and production to make an object appear to travel from one location to another.

While there are other alternatives, the Okito Coin Box and the Boston Coin Box are the most popular.

Okito boxes 

Theodore Bamberg designed the Okito Coin Box, a cylindrical coin box with a cover (a.k.a. “Okito”). In his New York City magic shop, Theo was fiddling with a pill box when he discovered a design feature that enabled him to quietly change pills (and eventually coins).

Boston-bound boxes

The Boston Coin Box differs from the Okito Coin Box in that it can do routines without requiring a cover. As a result, you’ll be able to conduct more visible coin disappearances and coin magic routines.

Boxes with Slots

Box with Slots

A slot coin box has an ingenious mechanism that allows you to keep a coin back, allowing you to do several coin magic routines.

For a multitude of reasons, coins are good in magic. They are gleaming and have intrinsic worth, which draws attention and retains it, allowing magicians to simply attract attention to them. They can also create noise as a result of their solidity, providing an additional sensory input that might assist in misdirecting or sell an effect, such as penetration through a table.

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